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Cloud Services

Cloud Computing Services​

Digital leaders are looking to experienced cloud partners to unify traditional IT management with dynamic cloud platforms.

DDS IT help business develop cloud strategies that address business drivers whether delivered on public, private or hybrid cloud platforms. We operate a managed services practice independent of platform rhetoric, supporting your cloud initiatives through our advisory, infrastructure, operations, and cloud management services.

For every customer engagement, we prioritise value creation, speed and agility to maximise your investment.

Choose DDS IT as your instrument for change and unlock the future value of cloud technologies.


less disruption, more productive

Cloud Advisory

DDS IT advisory service orchestrate digital outcomes that achieve your business drivers to enhance performance, accelerate innovation and improve customer experience.

We help organisations realise improved value through leveraging our extensive enterprise experience to improve transformation speed, agility and resilience.

Cloud Advisory Services includes:

  • Cloud Strategy

  • Cloud Adoption

  • Cloud Optimisation

Cloud/Infrastructure Architecture

Cloud and Infrastructure Architecture Services which are delivered by experienced Cloud and Infrastructure Architects to assist you with the design of the ICT environments required to run your business.


These services include the architecture and design of software applications, infrastructure, networking, security, database, operational tools and processes. As practitioners of Solution, Systems and Software Development and Engineering processes, our Cloud and Infrastructure Architects can organise the development effort for your new systems and solutions. They will have mastered a variety of operating systems, databases and hardware platforms, as well as desktop and mobile devices. These Architects are responsible for the development of the overall vision and will transform that vision, through execution, into your cloud-based, hybrid or on premise reality.

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Cloud Migration

We have extensive experience with Microsoft Windows and Cloud migrations and it can assist you with these activities.


Using well proven tools, frameworks and processes, in partnership with our experienced staff, we ensure that you will achieve successful migrations. Microsoft Windows gains new functionality through bi-annual feature update releases. Initially, organisations will use these feature releases for pilot deployments to ensure compatibility with existing apps, and infrastructure. Typically, about four months after the feature update release, broad deployment throughout the organisation can begin. Due to this rate of change organisations will need to change the way they approach deploying updates and we can help you optimise your deployment process and infrastructure.

DDS IT Dev Ops

Cloud DevOps

A DevOps service to help your organisation build or optimise the DevOps functions within your business.


Our DevOps staff are experts at scripting, automation and can typically perform DevOps and CloudOps roles. They will help you select and build your DevOps processes and software stack, including the right DevOps tools for your specific needs. They will create, or improve, your DevOps management framework, including alignment and integration between your ITSM-based Operations and your DevOps Services.

DDS IT Cloud Ops Service


A CloudOps service that delivers specific operational services to manage, monitor and maintain your cloud-based solutions.


This service provides billing, cost control, budget allocation, resource utilisation, and the optimisation of cloud platforms, including intelligent and automatic sizing recommendations. Our team will work to ensure alignment with your development, solutions and operations teams using a range of world class CloudOps tools, processes and systems.