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The challenge of continuous Windows deployments

Microsoft’s ‘Windows as a Service’ has changed the Windows deployment process from the traditional three to five-year cycle to a minimum of an annual update for each Windows device.

Windows version upgrades are now known as Feature Updates and will occur as smaller bi-annual releases. Updates can be deferred but not refused, which means that business critical application software must keep pace with the Windows update process.  To stay supported, your organisation must now use a very different approach to ongoing Windows deployment and servicing to stay supported.

What used to be an infrequent ‘Big Bang’ upgrade process has now become a continuous process.  To add to the challenge, the security patch cadence is now more critical for every organisation. 

The components which make up an organisation’s Standard Operating Environment (‘SOE’) typically sit across multiple owners so organisations frequently struggle to deliver a rapid and effective update process.  The added burden of at least bi-annual Windows updates and an increasing security threat landscape, will only amplify the present challenges. Research indicates that more and more organisations will look to out-source the challenge to a trusted IT partner.


Windows As A Service’ Service (WaaSS)

The challenge of moving to a continuous deployment process is at the heart of the ‘Windows as a Service’ Service offered by DDS IT. The DDS IT WaaS Service is a completely holistic approach to managing your SOE and includes:

• Managed security and patch deployment
• Managed application testing, packaging, and deployment
• Managed feature release deployment
• New Feature customisation
• Streamlined User training
• Branded training documentation
• Streamlined Pilots and deployments
• Image management
• Endpoint management infrastructure upkeep

The peace of mind that results from this service comes from knowing that DDS IT is managing the end-to-end process, from user customisation, company branding and OS/security testing through to end user documentation, training and change.

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