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Fact or fiction? Uncovering the truth of cloud migration with Microsoft Azure

The cloud has evolved from a science fiction dream of tomorrow into an essential business tool. It has the power to help businesses streamline their operations, be more scalable in the face of changing demands, and enhance their ability to collaborate with customers, stakeholders, and staff. 

Post horses in the cloud

Datam wanted to do more with the data it had, as well as make its systems more resilient. DDS IT was chosen to help Datam push their digital envelope. From the first, it identified Microsoft Azure as the best choice to deliver the scalability and resilience Datam was after.


DDS IT achieves Microsoft cloud partner certification

Auckland-based IT provider announces that they have joined the Microsoft elite by earning the prestigious Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation for Infrastructure, Azure – Enterprise for cloud platform and Windows, and devices


Top dog! Auckland IT company named Datadog Gold Tier Partner

Auckland-based DDS IT today announced that it’s become the first New Zealand IT company to be named a Gold Tier Partner by Datadog.