Delivering Incredible Customer Experiences & Technical Excellence

From customer measurement we know that customers value our incredible customer experiences, awesome staff, technical expertise and unique "values + value" approach. We can help you create the optimal and best value package of services from our Managed Services, Professional Services and Platform Services

DDS IT Service Desk. A Service Desk service to partially or fully manage or assist with the delivery of your service desk, using a one team and partnership approach.

Service Desk

A Service Desk service to partially or fully manage or assist with the delivery of your service desk, using a one team and partnership approach.

Field Services

A highly customisable range of field services designed to meet your organisation’s specific needs for on-site incident or service requests with your IT systems and assets.


Monitoring Mgmt

Specialised operational support services, processes and tools to help maintain and manage your organisation's ICT environments.

Cloud Ops

CloudOps services to monitor and maintain your cloud-based solutions. 

Dev Ops

Build or optimise your DevOps functions using our specialist DevOps staff who are experts at scripting, automation and CloudOps.

Micro Services

On Demand

Any of our managed services which can be consumed on an as-needed, short term or partial service basis.


Cloud/Infrastructure Architecture

Cloud and Infrastructure Architecture services to assist you with the design of the ICT environments required to run your business.

Solution Design

Solution Design services to translate your high level architecture and business requirements into a specific ICT Infrastructure solution design.

ITSM Consulting

A range of specialist ITSM advisory services to help you understand and apply the ITIL framework and other ITSM standards including Agile and KCS.

Project Management

Project Management services, delivered by experienced Project Managers, Programme Managers and Project Administrators, to optimise your projects, or work programmes, through a best practice approach and a tailored selection of Project Management processes, software and tools.

Business Analyst

Get specialist Business Analysts (BAs) to help you capture and optimise your business requirements and then translate them into tangible outcomes, so that you can meet the constantly changing needs of your business. 

Windows 10 &

Cloud Migration

Services to help you with your Microsoft™ Windows and Cloud migrations, using well proven tools, frameworks, processes, and staff.


Platforms & Tools

A wide range of services for the Ivanti, ManageEngine, ServiceNow and Activate platforms.

Integration Services

Integration services to assist you with your integration needs, including tool selection, Integration Mapping and design, web services development and cloud services analysis and selection.

Automation Services

Business Process Automation (BPA) services to help automate your business and service processes.